Heated Full Body Massage Mat

This firm yet comfortable mat can be used on the floor, on your couch, in a recliner, or even on your bed. The infrared heating technology and deep massaging rollers allow you to lay down relax and feel the stress melt away. Control mode, speed, infrared heat, and intensity to fine tune the mat for the perfect massage. Drink a full glass of water after each massage session to allow your body to cleanse and wash away the toxins, amplifying the relaxing effect of the massage. Great for after a long day at work, after hitting the gym, or study for that big test. It folds up neatly so you can travel with it and get a massage on the go in your hotel room. There's really no reason to wait, get yours now and feel your body awake to a new and relaxed self.

  • Size: 166cm * 58cm * 15cm/ 65in * 23in * 6in 

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