Full Body Heated Recliner Massage Chair

Imagine after a long day of study or work, and you feel like having a massage immediately but don't want the hassle of going out? Then you need to get this Full Body Heated Recliner Massage Chair! This chair brings together the best technologies in the art of relaxation. Great for the young professional, as a Father's/Mother's day present, or for the most stressed of individuals that only settle for the best. Get yours today and begin living a happier stress free life.
  • Ergonomic, modern design 
  • High quality upholstery, soft and comfortable.
  • Eight massage points inside of the backrest work together with other areas to provide a completely relaxing head-to-toe massage
  • Two built in heaters to promote blood circulation and improve metabolism
  • Includes vibration, heat, and squeeze functions
  • Roller massage tech for your feet and extends for taller individuals

*Note: this products comes with a 3 year warranty.

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