Unicorn Poop

Item Description:

 The stress relieving properties of Unicorn Poop has long been known by our ancestors, but as you can imagine it's difficult to collect. Thanks to our team of scientist & engineers we have developed a Revolutionary new collection method. Get yours today, while our limited supply last.


  • Cute & Soft & Slow Rising & Flexible & Magical
  • Material:Non-Toxic PU(Polyurethane) foam
  • Size: 8.5*8.5*7.5cm
  • Color:Purple/Orange
  • Weight:29g


  • As a gift for your children, they will love it. 
  • Hand pillow, hands get tired too.
  • People in your life who deserve pretty poop.
  • Stress Ball
  • Fuel for per-existing SNP(Super Natural Powers)


  • Humans under 6 years old, play with under adult's supervision.
  • On delivery, After ventilating for 1-2 days, the fragrance will return to normal.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Slow Rising Unicorn Poop

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